RadarCube Windows Forms Desktop OLAP 1.20.6

RadarCube Windows Forms Desktop OLAP 1.20.6: 100% managed NET Windows Forms OLAP conlrol: high performance, rich features. RadarCube is a powerful NET Windows Forms OLAP control entirely authored in C# 2.0. Having an excellent performance it allows to work with databases with millions records. Except for standard OLAP operations like drilling and pivoting, RadarCube provides grouping and lots of filter types. Several related tables can be used as a data source. RadarCube has a splendid user interface and powerful API designed to create true OLAP applications.

RadarCube WPF OLAP Grid and Chart 1.60.0: WPF OLAP Grid & OLAP Chart controls. Visual Analysis of Business Data
RadarCube WPF OLAP Grid and Chart 1.60.0

drilling down: to the nearest successor, to the next level, to the next hierarchy. - Hierarchy members grouping (including multilevel and parent-child hierarchies). - Separate sorting of different hierarchy levels. - Ascending or descending sorting based on the column values in the grid. - Filtering of hierarchy members with or without applying these filters to the OLAP calculations. - Ability to place pictures into grid cells, and automatically

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EngCalc(Mechanical) - Palm Calculator 1.2

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